Anawim comes from the Aramaic word (ah-nah-weem) meaning the poorest, the outcast, the persecuted - those with no voice.

Anawim is a Women's Centre based in Birmingham that provides a holistic service to women across the city.

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Mental Health Report

Great news our long awaited report into our work with mental health is now available

Mental Health Report

Annual Review

Our 2017 Review is now available

Anawim 2017


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Kranti came to Anawim to perform their play; Laal Batti (Red Light) Express. Laal Batti Express is about the lives of the young women who are from the infamous Red Light district of Mumbai.

"The emphasis in developing our show has been to enable us to transcend our trauma and move towards collective healing."

You can support Kranti in their struggle in raising awareness of the issues that they and many others around the world face by making a donation on their facebook page; click on the photo below:

Gorilla Coffee Cafe

The Gorilla Cafe in Kings Heath held a street party with all proceeds going to Anawim. The weather held out for a lovely day. Anawim are the charity of the year for Gorilla Cafe, so if you want to have a cuppa at their cafe and support us, they can be found on Drayton Road, Kings Heath.

Awards Ceremony

Anawim held there annual awards ceremony on Tuesday 18th July, to highlight the achievements of their clients. As previous years, it was an emotional and inspiring event.
Read what Father Hudson's wrote:

  • Awards Ceremony

  • Volunteers

    Anawim have a good, reliable team of volunteers. To recognise the support that they offer, the staff voted for their volunteer of the year.

    Thank you to all our volunteers for their continued hard work.

    Michaela won the award; read what she had to say about the award ceremony in her blog:

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  • Enda


    Enda has been with Anawim for 25 years. She heads up our Counselling Service and Night Outreach. Enda has helped so many women during the 25 years she has been with Anawim and deserves a special thank you.