Over the past year counselling at Anawim has continued to grow. For most of the year the counselling team consisted of four part time workers, who saw two to three women a week, and Sr. Enda who works four days a week, counselling twelve to fifteen women. In October we were joined by another trained counsellor, and a level 5 student of Therapeutic Counselling, both of whom see two women each week. In the past twelve months we have been able to offer 526 counselling sessions to 42 clients in our centre at Anawim. Despite this we have a considerable number on our waiting list.

While the problems which the women present continue to be domestic and sexual abuse, one element of this abuse that we are continually made aware of are the lasting consequences; even decades later women are struggling to come to terms with the experience. Our work in counselling is to help them in this struggle. Confirmation that our efforts have had positive impact is apparent by some of the comments from the women themselves when evaluating their counselling.

“It has helped me immensely and helped my self-confidence to grow”

“I have found counselling eye opening. I have really felt a connection with the counsellor and learned so much about myself. Most important, the counsellor understands me.”

"Counselling has helped me to work through all the above (referring to confidence, relationships, anxiety, depression etc.). I am almost completely a new person.”

“Since the beginning of counselling, it has been a journey of discovery. Counsellors are, invaluable as people and can heal, enhance and save many lives, also help people to move on.”

“Undiscovered, or buried feelings, are brought to the surface and people with certain addictions, or mental health issues, can benefit greatly, from being able to express painful feelings, to a person who is totally neutral, non-biased, or judgmental but ask the right questions tactfully and with compassion and empathy.”

“I have grown so much over the months of counselling; I have had and would like to be a counsellor myself, as I have had much life experience, in helping others through my own suffering.

It also helps, if you relate well to the person, who is counselling you, which I do.”

Another woman who has had extensive support said she has since broken off contact with manipulative people, Let go of friends who have abused her, is now Eating more healthy and self-harming less. She has started indoor climbing and is no longer home alone 24/7 she has been able to move from area she grew up in, away from harmful people.

Thank you to our one to one counselling volunteers that dedicate their time to support our counselling clients