Our Mission

Mission Statement

Anawim exists to support women and their children, especially women vulnerable to exploitation including prostitution. It seeks to provide wider positive choices to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential as part of the wider community. To this end Anawim treats everyone with dignity and respect, recognising that every woman and child matters as an individual. Anawim seeks to work with partners and other agencies to challenge that which degrades and diminishes.


  • To help and support women over 18 who are involved in and around prostitution, offending behaviour, drug abuse and sexual exploitation to move their lives forward
  • To provide a viable alternative to custody
  • To increase self-worth, recognise potential and offer hope
  • To keep families together where appropriate
  • To empower each woman and child towards independence, regular employment and dignity
  • To raise each woman's self-awareness, trust and responsibility towards herself, her children and the wider community
  • To ensure the wider community are better informed about issues affecting the client group


  • By providing a full timetable of courses and activities that raise self-esteem, confidence, skills, awareness and social responsibility.
  • By providing good quality, professional counselling.
  • By providing support with parenting, child protection, safeguarding, assistance through pregnancy and educational / fun outings.
  • By providing space at the centres for women to drop in when needed to receive support, clothes, food and use of the phone and Internet.
  • By providing advocacy for the women and their children with social care and health, education, work providers, the criminal justice system and the wider community.
  • By forming and maintaining partnerships with other statutory and voluntary sector agencies in order to provide a holistic package to the women.
  • By providing assistance and support to women on the street at night, in prison, at court and in hostels in a flexible way, responding where and when it is needed.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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228 Mary Street, Balsall Heath
Birmingham B12 9RJ
Email: referrals@anawim.co.uk
Tel: 0121 440 5296