Community Outreach

Community Outreach is undertaken by the Prison and Outreach Team, and also funded by the Lottery. We aim to connect with women with multiple and complex needs (such housing, health including mental health, financial) who are living in the community, often in hostels or 'sofa surfing' with friends, and work with them to address these needs so as to achieve more stable, positive and satisfying lives. The package of support that we offer is necessarily highly individualised and the work is intensive due to the level and complexity of interacting needs that the women present. Outreach in the community is time consuming, requiring case workers to drive to the various locations where the women are - they also arrange and attend meetings for the women with other services and respond to calls from them for assistance. The Community Outreach Team provides a service to women who would otherwise be hard for services to reach, leaving them leading chaotic and vulnerable lives which may damage not only themselves and those close to them but the wider community as a whole. In helping these women the effect of our work radiates outwards to improve the society in which all of us live.

Street Outreach

Women involved in prostitution who are working on the streets are among the most vulnerable women in the community. Most if not all have experience damaged early lives - high levels of sexual and emotional abuse, inadequate parenting due to factors such as parental addiction, mental illness and criminality and many have been in care. Many of the women are working to fund addictions, addictions which they may have been encouraged to develop by drug dealers who go on to exploit their dependency and extreme vulnerability. Street outreach, which is an essential element of Anawim's work and integral to its history as an organisation which supports women, is undertaken on a minimum of one night a week. A team member and a volunteer drive in the project car around the areas where women work, offering an introduction into our centre and individual support, a hot drink and a chat. We also provide them with information about other services that may be available to them in the area.

These interactions are often fleeting yet a valuable part of our ethos, providing a presence into the space the women occupy at night. They mean that the women know where they can go for help should they need it, and that they are in no doubt that however difficult life may be for them, others do care.

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