Rehabilitation Services

Anawim works with the Probation Service to offer alternatives to custody and additional rehabilitation services for women involved in the criminal justice system. Many women who come before the courts have multiple needs associated with their offending behaviour which, if left unmet, are likely to contribute to offending behaviour in the future. The objective of Anawim's work within the criminal justice system is to enable women to address these needs in order to avoid re-offending and lead more productive lives for themselves, their families and the wider community.

Community Payback

Since 2007 Anawim has provided support services to women serving Community Payback orders. Currently, women deemed suitable by the Probation Service have the option of spending 20% of their work hours at Anawim to focus of education, training and employment, in order to provide them with the tools to find and sustain employment.

The Method - Case Management and Outcomes Star

Our case management system provides for structured intervention with clear timescales, procedures and objectives. All women referred to Anawim, whether on an Order or not, receive a full assessment using Outcomes Star, which measures their needs across ten areas (such as accommodation, finance, health)on a scale of 1 - 10. The woman works with her caseworker to develop an action plan designed to address the needs identified, which in turn results in a programme of interventions focussed on achieving improvements and therefore reducing the risk of reoffending.

Interventions include:

  • Financial and debt advice
  • Drug and alcohol support from support organisations working on site. You can also use the Helplines at Rehab for Addiction and Addiction Helper
  • Counselling from our in-house counselling service
  • Accommodation advice from Sifa Resettlement and the Neighbourhood office
  • Health
  • One to one support from case workers as and when required
  • Support with family issues – from our family support team
  • Advocacy at appointments
  • Courses – including academic courses, arts and self-esteem.
  • Employment support


The success of the action plan is measured during regular reviews. All outcomes are logged, so that any progress that a woman achieves, or that is achieved by the service as whole, is monitored and assessed on an on-going basis, ensuring that the service is transparent and accountable.

The progress of all women in the criminal justice system is assessed in relation to the nine criminal justice pathways (accommodation, employment, finance and debt, drugs and alcohol, children and families, health, attitudes and behaviour, abuse and prostitution). Regular reports are submitted to ensure that targets are being achieved.

The case management system provides a clear beginning, middle and end point to a woman's involvement with Anawim, always working towards independence. However, the fact that the Centre is here to support any of the women who encounter a crisis or need additional advice is crucial to our success in diverting women away from crime and negative lifestyles on an enduring basis.

We are encouraged that current indicators suggest that our approach is successful in reducing reoffending rates. For more detailed information about Anawim's model please download Making the Case.

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